MovableType 3.2 is here!

Powered by Movable Type 3.2

Movable Type 3.2 has been released and it is a major upgrade, with lots of great new features:

  1. System Overview Screen
  2. Feedback rating framework
  3. The Junk Folder
  4. TrackBack moderation and editing
  5. Blog feedback settings
  6. Better Listings Pages
  7. Search Globally, Replace Locally
  8. Powerful plugin management
  9. Trusted commenters
  10. Commenter management
  11. Improved Documentation
  1. Activity Log improvements
  2. Main menu display improvements
  3. Easy multi-category selection
  4. Outbound TrackBack Control
  5. Entry Basename Control
  6. New Template Management Screens
  7. Smart New Templates
  8. Default Templates for All Your Blogs
  9. Better Archive Management
  10. Amazingly Automatic Authentication
  11. and more!

starting at only $30

Don't want to deal with it?
Let me help you upgrade!


Tell me a bit about your current MT setup**

* Due to wildly different setups, the rate varies depending on what needs to be done.
** Anything you can tell me is helpful: current version, which database type currently used, if you have "shell" access to your server, etc.